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Memphis melodic rock band Fear. The Sparrow is the brainchild of musician and songwriter Ben Hardy, a veteran of a wide range of rock sub-genres including emo, punk, and power pop. Having begun in 1996, Hardy’s momentous music career spans roughly a collective 10 years and multiple bands that helped to mold his musical palette into what it is today. However, the most notable of Hardy’s projects was Starliner, an emo band that would go on to sign a developmental deal with Ardent Studios (Memphis, Tn.) and Pete Matthews (Evanescence), win the Grammy Regional Showcase for “Best Unsigned Band” in 2003, and share the stage with the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T's, Mineral, Juliana Theory The Get Up Kids and many others. Starliner’s ultimate disbandment in 2005 marked the beginning of what turned into a mere hiatus for Hardy until 2018 with the birth of Fear. The Sparrow.


At its core, Fear. The Sparrow is the culmination of the most masterful elements of Hardy’s songwriting combined the heavy hitting drums of Johnny Friedman, the massive guitar leads of Tristan Barton and the masterful low end provided by Rhyan Tindal. Similar to those of Starliner, the cornerstones of Fear. The Sparrow’s sound are derived primarily from the second wave of emo of the 1990's and pop punk of the early 2000's, characterized by roaring guitars and blistering tempos. However, with the embrace of more contemporary musical conventions, the band epitomizes a poppier and more accessible brand of punk and emo, stylistically resembling artists like Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, Yellowcard, and Blink 182.


Within only two years of the band’s career, Hardy expeditiously reestablished himself as a contending songwriter and rock vocalist. Fear. The Sparrow’s first single “Critical” impressively reached #1 on the British Internet Alternative Radio Charts in November 2018 and was voted top rock song on OurStage Internet Radio in March 2019, while the following single “Panic” reached #11 on the Indie Star Radio Top 21 in April 2019. In addition to winning awards for their music, the band often becomes an immediate favorite to those listening for the first time, having been described as “one of the best melodic rock bands to come out of Memphis”, “catchy and crowd engaging”, and “something music needs right now”. 


In addition to releasing more music and performing in 2020, Fear. The Sparrow plans to shoot their first music video, tour around the southeast, and go back into the studio within the first few months of 2020.

Fear. The  Sparrow is:

Ben Hardy- vocals & guitar

Johnny Friedman- drums, bvg's

Tristan Barton- lead guitar, bvg's

Rhyan Tindall- bass, bvg's

Fear. The Sparrow


"Their tunes are catchy and crowd engaging and it's something music needs right now.  I can't wait to see what else these guys have up their sleeve.  It promises to be phenomenal.”

- Molly Mayhem of Local X Radio -